Fitbit health app

Fitbit health and fitness app

Fitbit, a health and fitness app, is a well-known name in the fitness tracking industry, with its wide range of wearable devices designed to help people stay active and healthy. Fitbit health and fitness app has become a household name for people who want to keep track of their fitness goals and progress. But what if you could enhance your Fitbit experience with a powerful and comprehensive app that adds value to each of its features?

That’s where 37CELLS comes in.

Fitbit health and fitness app offers various features that cater to different fitness levels and goals, such as activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. However, with 37CELLS, you can take these features to the next level and achieve even better results.

Here’s how:

  1. Activity Tracking Fitbit’s activity tracking feature helps you keep track of your daily steps, distance, and calories burned. With 37CELLS, you can take this a step further by comparing your performance with other people in your age and gender group. You can see how you stack up against others and get a better understanding of where you need to improve.
  1. Heart Rate Monitoring Fitbit’s heart rate monitoring feature enables you to monitor your heart rate throughout the day and during exercise. With 37CELLS, you can see how your heart rate compares to others in your age and gender group during specific workouts. You can use this information to optimize your training and achieve better results.
  1. Sleep Tracking Fitbit’s sleep tracking feature allows you to monitor the duration and quality of your sleep. With 37CELLS, you can track your sleep patterns over time and see how they affect your performance during the day. You can also compare your sleep data with others in your age and gender group to see how you stack up. As well as see how your sleep changes over time by comparing your sleep patterns week on week, month on month or year on year.
  1. Exercise Tracking Fitbit’s exercise tracking feature helps you track your workouts and monitor your progress. With 37CELLS, you can compare your performance in specific exercises, such as running, swimming, or cycling, with other users in your age and gender group. You can also overlay your training data on a photo and share it with your friends for added motivation.

Fitbit health and fitness app is a great app for tracking your fitness progress, but 37CELLS takes it to the next level. With 37CELLS, you can compare your performance with other users, see how you stack up, and get inspiration for improving your training, nutrition, and sleep patterns.

So why settle for only Fitbit when you can have the added value and comprehensive tracking of 37CELLS for free?