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37CELLS bridges the gap between health and fitness technology and retail marketing, offering a unique approach to engaging with consumers through personalized experiences.

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User Reviews

I love the freedom to change smartwatch brands and also having all my fitness data in one place without losing it.

Rachel Diamond Smit

The FitBot AI with its personalised insights definitely help me make better fitness and health decisions.

Mark Roland

Being part of a likeminded fitness community where I can compare my training results with peers is great!

Pauly Thomson

37CELLS is the ultimate health and fitness marketing platform with personalised AI insights that strengthen brand-customer connections.

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Transform your brand with 37CELLS’ marketing platform. 

We help you build a vibrant fitness community, centered around your brand vlaues and engage your customers with personalized solutions on a large scale.

Ready to grow your health and fitness community and drive sales?


Discover a new level of customer engagement with 37CELLS. Cultivate daily interactions to forge genuine connections with your audience. Empower customers to assess their health age, share personalised fitness selfies, and make informed purchases with authentic reviews from your vibrant fitness community.

For Fitness & Health Retailers

White label 37CELLS to elevate your brand, tailored to evolving consumer preferences. Drive sales, cut marketing costs, and forge meaningful connections with cost-effective solutions.

For Marketers

Capture customers' attention with ultra-personalised messages precisely as they're ready to make a purchase, eliminating the need to vie for online attention the way your competitors do.

For Customers

Send your customers relevant, targeted messages precisely when they are ready to buy and save them time and effort searching for solutions or deals elsewhere.

Discover how 37CELLS can help you transform brand engagement and loyalty.


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