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While many wearables come with dedicated fitness apps for tracking progress, you often need to pay subscription fees to unlock the most useful features. This leaves many people wondering if a comprehensive free fitness app exists. Enter 37CELLS, a completely free fitness app available on both Android and Apple devices. This versatile app centralizes all your wearables’ performance data, ensuring you can consistently track your progress—even if you switch devices. On top of that, 37CELLS provides valuable performance insights to help you improve over time.


Why choose 37CELLS?

We at 37CELLS are dedicated to offering a completely free fitness app that empowers individuals to manage their health and fitness effectively. Our app tracks your performance and provides insights to encourage personal growth and self-improvement. In addition, we prioritize your security by maintaining transparent data-handling practices and providing a reliable user experience.


Free yet feature-rich

The common drawback of using a free fitness app is limited functionality. However, that’s not the case with 37CELLS. Our app is entirely free and loaded with features to help you monitor your health and achieve your fitness goals. Here are some of the standout features of 37CELLS:


Support for multiple wearables

Easily sync your data from Garmin, Apple Health, or Fitbit with 37CELLS, so you never have to worry about losing valuable fitness data.


Health age assessment

37CELLS uses advanced algorithms to analyze your health metrics and assess your overall fitness level. It even helps you set personalized goals based on your health and age.


Showcase your fitness journey.

Capture a fitness selfie, overlay data such as distance run and calories burned, and then share it on social media to motivate others and showcase your progress.


Performance comparison

Our free fitness app allows you to benchmark your performance against others, offering a broader perspective on your fitness journey.


Gear usage tracking

Concerned about the wear and tear on your running shoes? 37CELLS tracks your gear usage and informs you when it’s time to replace or upgrade.


Personalized recommendations with AI FitBot

37CELLS features an AI FitBot that takes into account factors like stress levels, real-time weather, and sleep patterns to provide custom workout, training, and nutrition recommendations.


Discover the difference


Download 37CELLS today from Google Play or the App Store to find out why it’s the best free fitness app on the market.